Strategic improvisation

Communication and leadership in times of uncertainty

The traditional and linear methods of communication are over. In a society where change seems to be the only constant, there is need for a new way of thinking. We call this new mindset strategic improvisation – a concept we developed. In two books written by Jesper Falkheimer and Katarina Gentzel Sandberg, we dive deeper into what strategic improvisation actually is – and what it takes to do it successfully.

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About the method

We offer a number of tools for anyone who wants to be more prepared to act in an increasingly uncertain world:

Insights and models
Across two books, authors Jesper Falkheimer and Katarina Gentzel Sandberg developed and detail the concept of strategic improvisation and the skills necessary to do it successfully: Being able to balance order and chaos, constancy and change, and have the courage to trust one’s inner compass. Global trends, leadership research, and references to musical improvisation are expertly woven together to form the backdrop for recounts of in-depth interviews with successful leaders – individuals who have learned to improvise strategically.

Inspiration, workshops, and seminars
Through workshops and seminars, participants are encouraged to dive deeper into their own communication and leadership, learn how to balance order and chaos, and come to terms with their own situations, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to change their mindset.

Research: Self-assessment and diagnosis
Future Monitoring, or FuMO, is a method we developed for systematically analyzing global and societal trends, in order to generate actionable guidelines. This method combines data-driven insights with human analysis, making it a far more effective tool than traditional media analysis. FuMo helps your organization keep up with our fast-paced world, giving you concrete advice on how to be both strategic and free to improvise.

Training: The SoMe simulator – stress-testing digital communication
Find out if your message is clear, before going public. Social media truly is a revolution: Never before have we been able to listen to so many other voices in the world – and have them hear us. But there are drawbacks. Social media, by its very nature, demands quick responses and transparency. Customer service reps and communication professionals fight daily to provide answers and information, their work scrutinized by a global audience. The SoMe simulator was developed in an environment inspired by two of the most popular social networks, with one key difference: nothing is actually real. The SoMe simulator represents a whole new for organizations to prepare for the massive challenge that is social media.