About us

About us

Gullers Grupp is the agency for social change. We are passionate about societal issues and communication; about finding solutions that bolster an open dialogue to find a shared understanding, qualities that are vital to maintaining a functioning democracy.

We exist for those who want to find new solutions, move society forward, and spur real change; for those who want to be a voice in the democratic discourse, and those who believe that good business can be a win-win for companies and society as a whole.

Whether you work in the private or public sector, if you’re a household name or a newcomer in the social arena – we exist to help you carve out a corner in a world best defined by VUCA.

For those who can navigate all the Volatility and Uncertainty, the Complexity and Ambiguity, there are endless possibilities – and that’s exactly what we can help you do.

Gullers Grupp is a member of the global communications agency network PROI. Learn more at proi.com.

What we do

Communication in the public arena is different. People are driven by their search for relationships and meaning in their lives, and that which feels meaningful will also motivate and unite them.

Industry old-timer – ground-breaking from day one

Our passion for social change and working with the organizations making it happen has been with us since our humble beginnings in 1989.


Swedes go back to school

Ahead the 1998 election we helped the Teacher’s Association put education back on the political agenda for the first time in decades, completing the political trifecta that’s still present in the public discourse today: health care, education, elder care.


Pharmacy deregulation

When the market was due to be deregulated, and the state monopoly dropped, we worked together with pharmacists’ union Svenska Farmacevtförbundet to define the parameters of the blossoming sector we see today.


We make a difference

Together with Vårdföretagarna, The Association of Care Providers, we helped private health care providers get a voice in the industry, positioning them as part of the solution to providing qualitative care for everyone

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