Resurs Bank

Your friendly neighborhood bank

A bank makes things possible. Its purpose is to help people and companies invest in life, and to play a key role as a force for change and future progress in society. After nearly 45 years in the business, Resurs Bank decided to make that purpose explicitly clear – both to themselves, and to everyone else.

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Case description

What we did

Resurs Bank was founded in the 1970’s with a vision to deliver quick and easy financing for retailers. Today, it has subsidiaries throughout the Nordic region and supports millions of customers with loans, savings accounts, and payment solutions for retail and e-commerce. In 2020, Resurs Bank decided it had to evolve in order to position itself better in the market and more clearly define its role as a positive force for change in society.

So, who are Resurs Bank? Together with Gullers Grupp, they came up with an answer: a responsible, innovative, straightforward, and personal bank, focused on building strong relationships. A bank that knows life happens sometimes. That really listens to the thoughts and feelings of their customers, instead of rambling about terms, conditions, and interest rates. A bank that understands worrying about the future; that understands the uneasy feeling of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

A bank that knows compassion and finance need not be polar opposites. A bank that asks, “how are you doing?” instead of, “how much do you want to borrow?”.

Resurs is the Swedish word for resource, and that’s exactly what Resurs Bank wants to be for people: a resource in their lives.

The strategic narrative around Resurs Bank served as the basis for the transformation and as a roadmap to guide change management and leadership, both internally and externally. We put special emphasis on how to represent and visualize the change, to get the almost 700 employees across Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, on board. This required a wide range of skills and tools from our team at Gullers Grupp: we used everything from change leadership and best practices for internal communication, to events, deep-dive reporting, coaching for public speaking, and so much more. In the same way, we used many different competencies and our expert knowledge to reposition the new brand, and the public perception of Resurs Bank, with new creative and strategic tools.

All of this served one purpose: to help people better understand Resurs Bank and its business values. Understanding builds trust, and that’s what it takes to create strong relationships. Which is exactly what people need to find balance in their personal finances, and in their lives.